More RIP for Science:

Reddit, an internet social news and entertainment website that makes claims that it does not censor, has now begun censoring “deniers” of climate change.  The science is settled according to this website and we cannot have “deniers” tainting that “settled” part.  Not sure who their science editor is that made this decision, though it may have been Al Gore, who is delighted anything contradictory to his billion dollar enterprise will no longer appear on Reddit.

First, Reddit appears to censor all the time.  I found many articles concerning this from the past.  In grand liberal fashion, they simply lie about their lack of censorship.  The lies are the reality to these groups.  So this is not really a breaking news story on censorship.

However, as was pointed out on another site (I’m paraphrasing here):

Using the new policy at Reddit as a guideline, science is now :

1. Create hypothesis.

2. Build model.

3. Alter data as needed to prove model.

4. Announce findings as settled science.

5. Burn heretics that oppose you.

If memory serves me correctly, this is how religions rise to prominence.  Especially number 5.  If the theory cannot stand up to scrutiny, then just destroy anyone or anything that would falsify it.  The new science–religious in behaviour while claiming objectivity.

Again, RIP science.

Science, science, science.  We love our science.  We love that we are nothing but what science says we are–and Mark here is Asperger”s syndrome.  So is Susan Boyle.  She is Asperger’s–she is not a person with a beautiful voice.  She is Asperger’s, Asperger’s, Asperger’s.  So proud to be a person with a disease.  A broken person.  Proud, proud, proud.  She is very, very proud to be broken and wants the whole world to know she is.  She is not a singer, she is Asperger’s.   She is not a quirky, wonderful person–she is Asperger’s.

Science has reduced us to defective beings who proudly wear the labels of those defects.  We are ADHD, we are Asperger’s.  We are bipolar.  We are depressed.  We have a personality disorder.  We are not people.  We are our disease.  We are broken and proud to be.  We adore being broken.  We love being broken.

Please, please, please, give my child a disease.  She must not be responsible for her behaviour.  Her disease will be.  She must not be a person–that’s way too difficult.  Give her a disease.  Please, please, please, make my child broken.

Only in a society gone totally amoral would people pray to be labeled.  Only in a totally amoral society would people flaunt their “disease”.  Only in totally amoral society would parents pray for their children to be broken children and in some cases, do everything possible to keep them broken.  Broken children are a fact of biology.  It’s not the parent’s fault.  It’s not the child’s fault.  It’s nature and no one can blame the child or the parent.  Only in an immoral society would a has-been actress suddenly announce she is not to blame for her choice to leave acting–she is Asperger’s and Asperger’s what did it.  She is just a shell carrying around a diagnosis.

How did the most advanced creature on the planet reduce itself to a disease or syndrome and give up all humanity.  Why did we sell our humanity for the pride of wearing an “I am broken” sign for the world to see?  How did we get to this point???

Science, RIP

Today we announce the death of science.  While many believed science would be destroyed by the climate change myth and it’s associated politicalization of science, death actually occurred due to the allure of television.  Graduates in the medical field, in an attempt to make themselves popular and loved, crossed over and stabbed science to death today with the appearance of James Van Praagh on “The Doctors”.  In an ironic turn, the medium may actually be able to speak to the deceased field and let us know how it felt about it’s own death.  


I have been trying to find time to update this site. It’s summer and that’s my busy season. I do great deal of nature photography, so I am on the road or at the cabin nearly every weekend.

The hera buckmoth caterpillars are out in force at the cabin. I have brought home over two dozen. Half are in an outdoor “cage” with sagebrush planted (I added two more potted sage brush today) and half are inside in a container with dirt and sagebrush. They may not survive or pupate in the house but I am testing both ways. So far,, at least four have escaped the outdoor cage when I didn’t get the lid on tight. I found them in the sagebrush near where the cage is. I continue to monitor the area. I did look up information on the moths and found that at least one was seen in the county I live in several years ago, so if they did escape, it would not constitute an invasive species. Still, I don’t want them escaping. It will be interesting to see if any of the caterpillars do pupate and emerge. The literature seems to indicate the caterpillars winter over in the pupae stage, so I probably won’t know until next spring. Guess this is a long-term project. This is my second try at getting the caterpillars to moth stage. The first was not successful. Because they winter over, you need an outdoor cage with dirt. So this year, we built one that should serve well. With the sagebrush growing in the cage, it’s as close to natural as I could get.


These caterpillars are much harder to bring to moth stage than ones I have dealt with in the past. I once found a tomato hornworm on a potted tomato I had bought and put it in a jar and fed it. It pupated and the sphinx moth emerged. There was not enough room in the jar and the wings ended up crumpled, so there wasn’t any “humming” on the moth’s part. I really couldn’t let it go anyway since the caterpillar is considered a garden pest. I find that sad since I really like the sphinx moths but the hornworms do a lot of damage. Guess that’s nature for you!

There has been more wildlife out on the road to the cabin than last year. Years of living around wildlife results in you get to where you can spot fawns in sagebrush and notice things most people just drive by. I photographed a very young antelope (a fawn that lies perfectly still when you approach is probably quite new—older ones will get up and move away) in the sagebrush. He was so adorably cute! I use a long lens and try not to frighten the fawn since if he were to get up and move, it could be very stressful, especially on very warm or windy days. I want to be as nonintrusive as possible.


I also took more pictures of a badger—I love badgers! This was a young one so it was very curious as to why this large, noisy thing was stopping so near it (me in car on road). My record for seeing badgers is six in one day. Any day I see a badger is a good day!


There are so many things in nature that are simply fascinating. Unfortunately, with the constant presence of TV and the internet, people often miss out on the coolest things in nature. When was the last time you spent an hour watching birds in your yard? I started taking picture of birds, then learning to identify them. I have watched hawks and eagle feeding in my yard. It’s truly fascinating. I’ve seen bull snakes climb a tree and eat baby birds out of a nest as well as climb posts up to bird houses and eat the eggs/birds. It’s so much more interesting when you witness it in real life than on TV or YouTube. Teaching children, and adults, to observe nature will help preserve science for future generations—observing, photographing, recording and questioning things in life. Never stop exploring and learning.

Earth Day 2013

John Kerry says climate change is the most serious threat to national security today. He is right, but not for the reasons he states.

Climate change belief has the potential to drag the world back to the stone age. That constitutes a serious threat to all of humanity.

We enjoy a standard of living people in the Dark Ages could not even imagine. Humans feed, clothe and house 7 billion of their own. Hunger and lack of services are often due to politics—oppressive governments, wars, etc. Third world nations are rising up out of poverty and joining the US, Europe , Canada and others with warm houses, plenty of food, and a high standard of living. India and China are catching up to the US with their industries.

Lifespans are long, diseases can be vaccinated against, medical care handles complex surgeries and organ transplants. We have very fortunate lives in comparison to past generations.

All of this comfort and gains are the enemy of the climate change promoters. Modern life, based on fossil fuel usage, is killing the planet. Some say it is too late—but wait, it’s too late to avoid all climate change but we can limit it. We just need 90 mpg cars (remember when Ralph Nader lamented selling of dangerous cars like very lightweight, high mileage cars? Not anymore—now it’s save the planet, not the person), wind turbines, solar panels, water rationing, less consumption of goods—you get the idea. Radical activists go so far as to say humans are a blight upon the earth.

The major component for fixing climate change is money—billion, trillions of dollars redistributed by the UN most likely. Kerry says the US needs a carbon tax (one supposes he does understand what damage this will do to an already weak economy but does not care). Money—that’s how we fix climate change.

Considering the astronomical cost of wind and solar, and the physical limits of such power, a loss of industries and home electrical use is the inevitable outcome if these methods are continued. Wind and solar are variable at best. Storage is being explored, but has not been successful large scale. There are no replacements, short of nuclear power, that are practical to replace fossil fuels. Ending fossil fuel usage means ending modern society, unless a reasonable replacement is found very, very soon. Currently, there is mostly a push to use the marginal wind and solar and live with limited power.

Many will argue such drastic measures are not necessary—moderate changes are enough. This does not go with the climate change apocalypse predicted by Hansen if we don’t take drastic action now. It seems drastic change is our only choice now. Hansen is again saying Earth could end up like Venus if we don’t take drastic action.

Whether or not ACC is “real”, current calls to drastic action represent a far greater threat to humans than climate change itself—or at best, the prospects for good resolution are equal for both ideas. Driving the world down to pre-industrial levels will be devastating. Massive wealth redistribution will be devastating,. Will waiting be devastating? Maybe, but it seems less dangerous than applying the “cure” of stopping fossil fuel usage completely. Humans have been remarkably adaptable for thousands of years and will continue to be.

We have an obligation to use our resources wisely and to keep our rivers, forests and land in the best condition possible. This does not mean declaring resources off limits or preserving huge chunks of land free from human habitation for posterity. We are part of the earth, not a parasite that needs to be destroyed. We are adaptable and resourceful. Trying to destroy the gains made by technology won’t save the planet nor the human race. The nobel savage was never truly noble. Celebrate Earth Day by being thankful for the world we live and thrive in today.

A few wanderings

I read on another science blog a short post about not testing on animals anymore.  The first thing I thought was “Finally.  I’ve been telling people this for years.”  Immediately thereafter, I realized I probably should be posting these ideas in one place for easy reference.  Thus:

No more animal testing

If the cosmetic and medical companies are not testing on animals, that means they are testing on you, your children, your spouse and your pets.  The safety of the baby lotion you put on your child is determined by a computer model.  Which is fine if the programmer included sufficient parameters and there were no previously unknown problems (computers only know what we know–they just know it faster).  However, if the new combination of ingredients sets off a heretofore unseen reaction, your baby is the way the industry finds this out.

While one can try and avoid this using organic and “natural” products, nature is not the loving mother portrayed in fairy tales.  Organic produce has sickened thousands.  It is still possible for a combination of ingredients to cause a severe reaction using an “organic, natural product”.


One in fifty children has some form of autism:

This headlines proves definitively that any “illness” that is a combination of symptoms with no discernible cause can be increased by any percentage desired by expanding the criteria for the illness.  Or a new diagnostic criteria may be in order.  If indeed there are one in fifty children has autism, we should be able to find a common factor in all of these children.  This is not going to happen, however, because the disease includes everything from “anti-social” to severe social impairment (not speaking, head banging, etc).  It is not reasonable to think these behaviours all come from the same source or even represent an illness in the milder forms.  This is a symptom of a society that values complete conformity, not an illness.

There is one bright light in all of this:  Parents are finally believing their children do not have to be crippled for life after a diagnosis of autism.  With intense therapy as a toddler, the child can completely overcome the behaviours.  In other words, autism is no longer deemed a life-long, incurable illness.  That is wonderful news.


TV commercials for medications

This is one topic that really bothers me.  A woman says she developed diabetic nerve pain but had no idea what it was.  Then her “wonderful” doctor prescribed drug “X”.  If the woman’s doctor failed to educate the woman as to the complications of diabetes, “wonderful” is not the word I would use.  Incompetent comes to mind.  I was 15 when diagnosed as diabetic.  I knew diabetes could cause blindness, amputations, nerve pain, kidney damage and impotence.  That was 40 years ago.  Now “patients” proudly proclaim they did not know any of these things and their incompetent doctor was wonderful to prescribe a drug for whatever problem a drug could address.  Medicine drops back 50 years in competence.  That is not good.


Getting dumber all the time
I am reading a book about “The Dumbest Generation”, how people today are basically clueless in a world rift with information.

My husband and I used to discuss how eventually this would lead to a disastrous society.  That was 20 years ago and we are seeing the beginnings today.

Every difficulty in life–weather, food, socialization, work–are crises waiting to happen and none of us can possibly cope.  It’s snowing in the middle of March–whoa!  Now what do we do?  This has never happened before.  Actually, it probably has.  When people pay no attention to their surroundings they don’t realize that what they are being told is unusual is not unusual at all.  (Naming the winter storms must please Gaia–we are naming her children I guess.  Otherwise, I see no reason for the change.  Hurricanes are named, winter storms–looking forward to Tornado Fred this summer.  Not.)

Obama’s limo driver reportedly put diesel fuel in a gas limo over seas and a new limo had to be brought in.  Schools are eliminating “honors” because it makes people feel bad if they can’t be really bright.  In a few years, the surgery your child needs for that compound fracture on his leg will be done by a surgeon who feels really good about himself and if he has any questions about what to do in surgery, the nurse can “google” the information and display it on a screen.  You may laugh, but it is coming to that point (see my first topic).  Our society values everyone being the same.  Competency and ability are irrelevant.  If a kid wants to be a rocket scientist but can’t do math, no problem.  We can get someone who likes math to help him.  If he makes a mistake, oh well.

When I judged science fairs, a girl had made it to state comparing orange juices.  One of those “juices” was SunnyD.  No one was allowed to tell this girl that she was totally, completely, WRONG in her experiment and her beliefs.  We had to smile and let her go on believing or we would hurt her feelings.


It is good to be a delta……….



Northern Shrike returns for the winter


Nosing up the snow for grass


Cockroach that just shed its exoskeleton


Help! My skin is stuck!


Christmas cactus in bloom

The underside of a hognose snake

The underside of a hognose snake

Water drops resembling a happy face--wierd

Water drops resembling a happy face–wierd


Climbing out of the water dish

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